GPC World Cup 2017

Powerlifting, benchpress, deadlift & squat

Information (English)

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Lifters from countries which are not affiliated to the GPC but who wish to compete should request an individual entry form and GPC Individual membership form from as lifters must be members of the GPC to compete.


Basic Information

Host City

(Miskolc) Felsőzsolca, Hungary


City Sporthall

Post code: 3561

City: Felsőzsolca

Adress: Sport street 1.




  • Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC)
  • Hungarian Professional Powerlifting League

Technical director


Meet Director

Sándor Freimann, HPPL President tel.: +36-30-520-9193

János Fazekas, (hungarian, english) tel: +36-30-884-1060




         János Fazekas                                                 Péter Kerecsényi

          Meet Director                                                    HPPL Secretary                         



06th to 08th of October 2017

Closing Date

6th of September 2017


Online Entry:

Entry fees

  • 40 EUR for first event entered
  • 20 EUR per additional event entered.
  • Late entries will be accepted but with a penalty of 30 EUR per person which is also applied to entries received without entry fee by the closing date.


All GPC Weight & Age Categories – Male & Female

RAW and EQUIPPED (without Paralimpic category)



Equipped (Multi-ply) 

  • Powerlifting
  • Benchpress
  • Deadlift
  • Squat


  • Powerlifting
  • Benchpress
  • Deadlift
  • Squat




The Elit SHOW is a show inside the

GPC World Cup.


At this year the Hungarian Powerlifting Congress created an "ELITE category" on our competitions. This is a performance-linked category where outstanding competitiors can start. We have a defined lower boundary for this. Making this spectacular and attractive event for the press and the audience. The ELITE category takes only on one stage with higher audio and light technology and live rock show. We will use individual awards. We wait and welcome lifters who can maked the minimal levels. We created this category to the site and you can use the online entry.


 We need official diplom or certificate for the minimal level to this e-mail:




Date of the show: 07th of October 2017. (19.00)


Weight in: -18.00-19.30, 06th of October

                     -07.00-08.30, 07th of October



To the ELITE SHOW some competitior also be invited by the Hungarian Professional Powerlifting League.


In the ELITE SHOW you can start only in OPEN category and in RAW!


Inside the Show you can start only in one category.


Entry:  40 Euro.     


The ELITE SHOW have got individual awards.



ELITE levels in Wilks points:



Powerlifting : 470

Benchpress : 135

Deadlift: 180



Powerlifting : 470

Benchpress : 135

Deadlift: 180


Bank Account Details

Bank: Rajka és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet

Adress of the bank: H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Palánk u. 8.


Owner: Hungarian Powerlifting Congress 7

Owner’s adress: H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Kálnoki u. 11.

IBAN: HU82 5950 0155 5001 3667 0000 0000

Hotel ( Miskolc) (Miskolc)



Budapest (170 km), Debrecen (100 km)




Information & Booking

Tosi Trans Kft.

Phone: +36-70-367-0707 (English and Deutch – speaking)



Agora Transz-Fair Kft.

Phone: +36-20-776-2160






VISA Support Letters

If you require a Visa to visit Hungary for this championships, download the „Request for Letter for Visa Application under Downloads (Other) on the GPC website and forward it to